I was invited to test a car that was very new and different to what i’m used to, a Junior Clio Cup car. I was very excited to get out on track and experience my first taste of Clios, because I had never driven one before and I was very keen to see what difference left hand drive, paddle shift gears and different tyres made.

My first outing in the car went well as I began to adjusted and get a feel of what this car had to offer. I was quick straight away despite of the differences the Clio had to the fiesta, I used this first session to get to know the car a bit better and understand what the differences made and what impacts they had on my driving.

I used my next sessions to push the car a bit harder and learn a bit more about its capability. Although I knew I could have gone much quicker I was there to just experience and feel what a Junior Clio was like and get my very first taste of it.

I very much enjoyed the experience and was impressed by the car and its differences it had compared to the fiesta!