Following the last round at Rockingham where it transpired that the catalytic converter was collapsing inside the exhaust causing a loss of 15 horsepower, I came to Snetterton with the aim of getting two wins and getting my championship challenge back on track.

Practice went well and I was consistently amongst  the fastest drivers and I knew they were on better tyres so I was confident for qualifying. Ultimately I qualified 5th which was disappointing but I knew from my dash data that I had made one mistake costing me 4 tenths and that would have put me second.

In race 1, I was in the lead battle running 5th at the back of the front pack, but after the first two laps I began to suffer with understeer in the slow corners, this dropped me back into the battle for 5th, 6th and 7th. I was overtaken and dropped to 6th were I spent a lap cooling my tyres and then fought back to retake 5th. I then drove as hard and consistently as was possible with the current state of the tryes and soon found myself ten car lengths clear but unable to catch 4th position with the time remaining. Half way around the final lap the car just stopped and this transpired to be a broken wire to the fuel pump, forcing retirement and zero points.

This meant I would start race 2 from the back. I was hoping for wet weather as I knew this would give me an excellent opportunity for a great result as I always excel in tricky conditions. As we waited in the assembly area my prayers were answered as it began to rain meaning it would be very greasy and difficult out on track. On the warm up lap the car felt good and I was already exploring where the grip would be and knew where I would be making my moves in the first couple of laps.

As the lights went out I made a great start, the car on my left moved over on me pushing me towards the pit wall but unfortunately the car ahead of me on the grid had stopped leaving me no option but to try to get between him and the pit wall as I could not stop. The space was not big enough and my front left hit the rear of his car putting me out of the race with suspension damage. This left me with another zero points finish.

After 5 rounds of the championship I’ve only had two races where the car has been without any issues and I haven’t been taken out by a competitor. Despite this I’ve still managed to be on the podium three times.  It’s been a very tough and frustrating season and now is a time to decide what is the best option to take to move forwards in my career.