Motor racing is expensive. So far my family have been making sacrifices on holidays and cars to support my racing which we have done on a tiny budget in comparison to many of those I compete against.

In order for me to keep my career moving forward I need to raise support and funds to be successful in car racing. Having finished my first full season in cars with 4th in the Championship and with 5 podiums from 10 races in 2017 I am looking to  run with a major team in the 2018 season.

I have a number of options in terms of which category I race in and would work with my partners to select the most beneficial for myself and my partners. All of the championships I am considering are televised, with some supporting the UK’s Blue ribband race events with crowds of 80,000 and live coverage on ITV.

I am able to offer partners the opportunity to bring clients and suppliers to the British Touring Car or British GT Championships with full hospitality ‘track side’ with guest appearances from the team management and drivers.

Additionally on offer are track days where you and your guests get to drive and be driven in these thoroughbred race cars.

Key to note is that you have the possibility to network with decision makers and for any potential customer you get to have 8 hours with them in a non formal environment.


Printed media:

Autosport Magazine @29,000 readers

Motorsport news @14,000 readers


My race reports are published after each event by Phoenix98FM Radio and I am regularly featured in the Guardian Series newspapers.

I have been interviewed live on air 5 times in the past 18 months.

Phoenix has an audience of 80,000 and broadcasts in the Brentwood and Billericay areas but also live to the internet, and it has a worldwide audience.


The Guardian has a readership of circa 40,000 weekly.

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In addition to the exposure above we can create the ability for you to enable continued engagement with your clients, suppliers, staff and friends by involving them in the story of your race car and driver through the year.

We can provide discounted Radio advertising.

Race weekends:

Attend race weekends and get all areas access to the team and spend time with Lochlan. Bring your clients, guests, suppliers, staff or family for the day or weekend and be in the midst of the action. Watch the preparation and pre-race build up. Be there in the garage immediately after the race.


We can organise discounted and tailored trackdays where you can drive or enjoy a passenger ride in race prepared cars at circuits across the UK.

Please contact for more information or request one our Sponsorship packages for the various options we have on offer to get involved.

We intend to make any sponsor relationship extremely beneficial and worthwhile to all parties.

We’d love to hear from you.


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